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WRL Freedom Variable1,2

WRL Freedom Access1,2

Franklin Allocation Freedom Advisor1,2

WRL Freedom Attainer1,2

WRL Freedom Bellwether1,2

WRL Freedom Conqueror1,2

WRL Freedom Enhancer1,2

Franklin Allocation Freedom Multiple1,2

WRL Freedom Premier1,2

WRL Freedom Premier III-Standard Death Benefit1,2

WRL Freedom Wealth Creator1,2

1 Some performance reports are no longer available and are sent by mail through the fund prospectus or through annual or semi-annual reports.

2 Product no longer available for sale.

Oregon Policy/Contract Form Numbers

WRL Xcelerator - VL07OR; WRL Freedom Elite Builder - VL95OR; WRL Freedom Elite Builder II - VL08OR; WRL Freedom Wealth Protector - JLS01; WRL Financial Freedom Builder - VL03OR; WRL Freedom Elite - VL90OR; WRL Freedom Equity Protector - VLB.01.07.89