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  • Permanent protection with flexible premiums
  • Subaccount options offer significant cash accumulation potential
  • Access cash value through policy loans and withdrawals

The Need
Jon and Suzy are a newly married couple in their early thirties. Suzy is pregnant with the couple's first child and they have just recently bought a new home. They know that they need life insurance coverage, but are not sure where to begin. Jon and Suzy want a life insurance policy that can help cover their financial obligations should one of them die. In addition, they want a policy that is suited for their long-term goals, such as sending their child to college and perhaps fulfilling the dream of one day owning a boat.

After meeting with their professional life insurance agent, Jon and Suzy determined that a variable universal life (VUL) policy may help achieve their needs. Jon and Suzy also understand the risk and return potential associated with the underlying investment options in the VUL. The flexible options the VUL provides will allow them to change the amount of coverage or premium payment schedules* to help accommodate some of their future goals. The VUL's investment options can range from conservative to aggressive, provide potential cash value accumulation that they may later access through tax advantaged loans and withdrawals**.

Variable Universal Life and You
This is just one example of how variable universal life insurance can work for you. Your life insurance agent can help you decide what product would be appropriately suited for your unique situation. Life insurance is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. To learn more about how a VUL can help you, contact a financial professional today!

The preceding scenario is intended to provide a generic summary of the features and benefits of variable universal life insurance (VUL) policies. Please contact your financial professional for a prospectus that contains information about VULs including fees, investment objectives, surrender charges, risks, expenses and other important information about VULs. If you are considering purchasing a VUL, please carefully consider all these important factors and read the prospectus carefully before investing. VULs product subaccounts are subject to market risk and may lose value.

*Fluctuations in performance and/or policy charges may require the payment of additional premium payments to keep a policy in force.
**Distributions such as loans and withdrawals can only be made if the policy has been in force long enough to accumulate sufficient value.